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Mothers truly love, care and look after the kids in the most divine way as no one in this world can do. She is the only person who will handle all the tantrums of the kids without uttering a single word. There are few things which you cannot be expected from the father no matter how much you are attached to your father and certainly how a mother responds is quite different from the way your father reacts.
This is how they will respond if you say the similar thing to both of them.
1. Gets angry
If you are angry and you say something like giving a threat of not eating food or not talking to them it will only be the mother who will come to you, handle your tantrums and will try her best to please you so that your anger gets disappeared. You just cannot expect anything from your mother. Relate to it?
2. Score poor grades in exams
If you are someone who is not good at academics and scores fewer marks in the exams then who are you are most scared about you know it? Yes, the father because you know very well that you have that convincing skills to blackmail your mother. A mother will accept all your reasoning because she considers her kids the best.
3. When you don't want to go to school/college
So if you are in no mood to go to school/college and you lie about not feeling well then your mother will get panic, will take care of you and leaves all her work. How can a mother see her kids in pain after all? Isn't?
4. Informs them for coming late
If you are stuck in traffic or would be late because of some work and informs them about being late then a mother will get worried about your well being and she will inquire about you being okay or not but you will hardly receive any call/ msg from your father. He will just blast at you when you reach home.
5. You tell them you are feeling hungry
This one is actually very obvious. A father will hardly pay heed to you when you say the same to your father and quite contrary a mother will just put more than 100 % to satisfy your appetite.
So a father usually reacts in the same manner by not letting his emotions out. Isn't?
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Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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