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Salute to Indian Army! Salute to army parents! A big salute to the army kids as well...
When life is so uncertain that you don't know what will happen the next moment and still you have to act that everything is well in life it definitely needs the guts and not everyone can really do. But our Indian army has to go through this every day, every moment and they are doing it without any complaints or regrets.
It's just not the army but their kids also have to go through the same phase and their life is certainly not the kind of lives we have and we really need to learn from them.
1. Adjust to the new environment easily.....
Army people are continuously migrating from one place to other so frequently that their lives surely lacks that stability and the kids too have to go through the same. They don't know when they will be asked to leave the current school and leave their friends and everything behind them and have a start fresh.
You know what is the best part. They do it so frequently yet you will not find them complaining. They would adjust to the new environment so easily
2. Social skills
Secondly, as their lifestyle and living are quite different from the other kids. They get the benefit of being part of sports and recreational activities. This inculcates the social skills, strong character building and essential discipline.
3. Handle the responsibilities at a small age
Thirdly, most of the time they are living either only with the mother or in the boarding school they are responsible not to take care of themselves but their mothers too. This helps to make them responsible for a small age. They are able to handle the challenges of life because they live them every day.
4. Army kids are very disciplined in life.
Army kids need to very particular about how they dress, how they walk, how they eat, what they meet, what they do. Thus their life is not at all easy as it may seem and we really need to respect it.
5. Army kids are definitely independent
No doubt when you have to change the place so frequently you really are not dependent on anyone because you know anything can happen next moment.
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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