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As global warming is increasing more fiercely, we are seeing that our seasons are getting irregular and hotter. The ice caps are melting and causing the unusual happenings in the oceans in result it expanding the water level and animal species are drying out.

But if you are thinking it has no direct link to human, then you are wrong.

According to a new study published recently, shows that the climate is changing aggressively and in return affecting marine life and fishermen. This is happening because of the planet is making waves open waters much more dangerous.

The report claims that the ocean waves along the surface are driven by the local wind pattern, and this is affecting the air temperature. Air has the nature that it rises up when heats up, and cooler air slides in the below to take its place. That difference in the temperatures of the layers of air is what causes the wind.

Unfortunately, our relentless output of greenhouse gases is causing the heat to build up way too fast and this means that the wind is getting stronger. In turn, they are making the wavers stronger, and rougher.

This the bad news for the people who entirely lying on the open seas, like fishermen, people on transport and cargo boats, even the Navy force is also in danger. These people have so much danger in their jobs and after increasing global warming and its consequences.

It is another thing which is demanding for our attention, and we should do something for it. We should take such steps that can help in reducing the effects of global warming.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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