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If you are an ardent dog-lover like me, you must know about these astonishing facts about the furry miracle: -

1). Dogs often make special bonds with little children; this is because a 2-year-old child and a dog speak almost the same language which is why the dog feel so connected to him. It is said that around 250 words and gestures are absolutely identical.

2). Your dog’s sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than yours, which is why your dog can smell your feelings as well. When you are happy, sad, or fearful; your dog can smell each of your emotion.

3). Dogs get attached to their ‘Hooman’ very easily and hence most of them suffer from separation anxiety when you leave your dog for some work. To lower down the separation anxiety, just leave one of your cloth near to the doggo’s place and it will help lower the separation anxiety as the scent will create a sense for your dog that you are around.

4). Dogs love to poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field, this is the reason that they search so much for a perfect place to their deed.

5). Dogs curl up themselves while they sleep, they do it to keep themselves warm and fuzzy and also to protect their genitals from any mishap that can occur while they are in their sweet sleep.

Hey, my pupper is calling me, I gotta go and tell him what all I learnt about him today!
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- Shivam
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