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New York is a dream city of many, including me as well; everyone wants to experience the rush and zest of this city that never sleeps, right? Till now, we all have seen NYC in TV shows or movies and experiencing the grandeur of all those mighty skyscrapers is definitely in our bucket list. So, if you are someone who has finally gathered enough money to visit this paradise, keep in mind these things that’ll make your travel plan a sure shot hit: -

1). New Yorkers have this tendency to walk as fast as they can because the city is always in a rush. The Fast Track culture is very evident here, therefore its necessary that you don’t stop whilst walking in a crowded place or you will face some problems.

2). New York is generally a safe city but some crimes have taken its reputation down so to be on the safer side just be more alert and never book a hostel, always opt for a hotel.

3). Sightseeing in New York will not burn a hole in your pocket, you can visit amazing places like Central Park, Museum of Modern Art and other scintillating places in just $25.

4). Manhattan is definitely the highlight but that doesn’t mean that you will forget about Brooklyn, visit Brooklyn and sip some exotic beer whilst gawking at the city from Brooklyn Bridge.

5). NYC is really particular about the ‘first-come-first serve’ thing, so if you want to dine out make sure you get your table reserved beforehand.

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- Shivam
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