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Mental illness is one hell of a serious issue and it should be dealt in the same way like any other illness. We’ve all met some people in life who suffers from mental illness but most of us don’t pay much heed to it and some of our ruthless attitudes around mental illnesses catalyze the stigma and discrimination and makes it harder to reach out for help. It’s high time to check these abnormal attitudes towards mental illness:

1. Mental illness is not the real kind of illness
Mental illnesses are being disparaged by many, it doesn’t go away on their own, and are real health problems that require effective treatments. If someone breaks their hand, you cannot ask that person to just get over it, same goes along with illness.

2. Mental Illness Is Not Going To Affect Much
All of us gets affected by mental illnesses. You may not experience a mental illness yourself, but it’s very likely that someone from your family member, friend, or co-worker are experiencing something worse.

3. Mental illness is just used as excuses
Many people assume mental illness as just an excuse for some poor behavior. If someone’s friend or family member is suffering from such an issue we seem to laugh it away deeming it as just an ‘acting’ from their part. People who undergo a change in their behavior due to mental illness may feel extremely embarrassed or ashamed around others.

4. Bad Parenting is one big cause
No single factor can lead to mental illnesses. Mental illnesses are conditions that are complicated and which arise from an amalgamation of genetics, biology, environment, and experiences in life. Family members and loved ones possess a big role in support and recovery.

5. Kids can’t suffer from depression
Children can as much experience mental illnesses as adults. In fact, many mental illnesses firstly appear when a person is young. Mental illnesses may seem quite different in children than in adults, but they are a real matter of concern as well.

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