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Right now PUBG is sitting on top spot of the online gaming arena. The graphics, the intensity, and the gameplay, everything of this battle royale game is just right up to the mark. The game keeps coming with new season every 2 to 3 months, and right now Season 4 is going on. Well, this season is going to end very soon, as Season 5 is coming up. From the leaks we know that the game will have a stable Vikendi map, MK47 Mutant assault rifle, Laser Sight, and Vikendi Custom Room. The minor update in it comes with the old voice coming back in the game.

The Vikendi map was liked by the gamers, but there were still a few shortcomings, and with this season a stable Vikendi map is expected. The PUBG PC had already the MK47 Mutant assault rifle, and this time it is coming into the mobile phones. The background of the game is expected to be fiery this time, taking hint from the leaked pics, and contrast to the last winter season theme with Vikendi map. The red fiery theme will also match with the zombie mode coming in the game. Tencent games had already announced that they are collaborating with Resident Evil 2 team, and from that only we could have a clear idea of the zombie mode coming to the game.

Then PUBG started showing black blood stains at random places, and even zombies were spotted in the game by a few people. In new outfits, we could get gold suit, cake costume, Japanese outfits, and more. Coming to the vehicles, and weapon skins, there could be ice-cream truck skin for the vans. In the new gun skins, the users would be getting the gold skin for UMP9, AKM, and white dragon skin for Kar98 and more.

Let us wait for a few more days, and see what the new Season comes up with.
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- Rajat Priyam
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