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Kids are stupid sometimes! They’ll do things that’d be so idiotic that you’ll start rolling on the floor in no time. Even we as kids have done some of the wackiest things possible that became a part of our embarrassing memories. But, let us face it, these sticky situations have helped in the formation of our childhood; now when we look back, it is these memories that bring a smile on our face, so I guess it’s a win-win situation.
To bring back those memories Twitter user @MotherOfDoggons asked people to share some of the stupid things they did as kids, and a tsunami of responses arrived that were outright hysterical. Here are some of the best responses: -

1). Becoming Aquaman Isn’t That Easy, Girl!

2). And Later This Kid Went on To Work As A High-End Banker At Wall Street, Such Talent!

3). Landing Up In An Unknown Town Because Of A Mistake, Hmm….Narnia…Is That You?

4). That Has To Be The Most Badass Thing One Kid Has Ever Done To Mankind, Dayuummm Son!

5). The Desire of Freedom Sees No Caste, Creed, Sex And Definitely NO AGE

Well, if I talk about myself, I once saw an action movie and got so pumped up that when I saw my brother standing at the stairs, I jumped and kicked him, he rolled down on another floor and got his hands fractured. I AM SO SORRY BRO!

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- Shivam
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