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We know that love is like a flower, and you’ve got to blossom it with faith and respect in each other. This couple shared their story on the page Humans of Bombay put forward goals for all those who don’t want to lose faith in their relationship.Here’s the real account of the girl who fell in love 7 years ago.

"We had just broken up with our partners & met through a common friend. We started hanging out, I really enjoyed his company. We had this spot where we’d go & one day out of the blue, he asked me out. That first date we spoke about anything & everything!"Sadly, they broke right after fifteen days."He said ‘you’re way too good for me!’ We were from different worlds which could hinder our relationship"

She wasn’t ready to give up."I told him we were worth fighting for–finally he was convinced & decided to give this a real shot."They loved each other’s company more than their own differences."We went on road trips & also spent time at home. I loved being around him. I was in awe of him & loved his spontaneity because it contrasted with my need to plan."

Right after 10 months, they confessed in front of each other."He said he loves me & I felt the same. I loved our dynamic–we spent a lot of time together, but still gave each other space. This was our own sanctuary."Fate had some other story to tell."In 2014, I was in office when I got a call–he was having a heart attack. He was pronounced dead in the hospital–I saw him shut his eyes, a part of me was dying too. I prayed while they tried to revive him & I still count my lucky stars that they were able to get him back to me!"
Life came upon him once again."I stayed with him through recovery & he says it made him fall in love with me all over again. But he started focusing more on work. Because of that our relationship took a hit. I started to lose faith & because he couldn’t give me enough time & decided to take a solo trip to Europe. I even broke up with him.""He kept track of me & this time–he convinced me not to give up on us. He asked for one more chance & I gave it to him!

It’s seven years now since this brave and beautiful couple is married."It was about the chances that we gave each other. Everyone either says ‘give it a second chance’ or ‘third time’s a charm’ but for us, it’s not about the number of shots you get–it’s about how badly you want to make it work. That work is on you, the faith is on you–the power is with you. So if you really want it, you just cannot give up. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be standing here, looking adorable & able to share our story with you.”

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