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After the golden egg breaking all the social media records and putting everyone's eyes set ablaze here comes the 1st challenge of 2019 which is hitting the social media like crazily where people are sharing their now and then 10 years on Instagram, Twitter and where not.
We collected some of the humorous and relatable now and then and tried to brief it. Look at the efforts we did for you. Surely you will relate to it and find it interesting.
So here we go...
1. This is actually the story of 9 out of 10 people
10 years might or not might have brought change in anyone's life but change that is definitely one of the constant change for everyone is probably our weight.
2. Inescapable Truth
The quintessential reality of our life probably is marriage and our society leaves no opportunity to pressurize us for marriage and when we finally get trapped in it society does not leave us and expects a baby. So the point is society will never get satisfied.
3. Mazboot jod
Yes, actually the way the product has been advertised it seems that it has permanently settled in our lives. Isn't?
4. Growth
The way we have become so much dependent on Paytm that we cannot live without them is nothing but the result of hard work and growth Paytm has done.
5. Craving for iPhone
Remember the time when everyone's biggest dream was to have an iPhone and it actually represented a status symbol. It still is but not the way it was earlier.
So what is your 10 years now and then....
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Design credits - Vikas KakkarAuthor- Neha Wadhwa
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