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This is common today that you get into an ‘Almost’ relationship or come across people who’ve faced so. This would probably be the most confused and desperate stage of your life where you lose all your sane thought process and give into the idiotic ones. You know that you are being mentally drained but still, you chase after that thing which is just fooling around with you.

There comes this time when you just can’t perceive things well enough as you always remain absent-minded. Your thoughts are on a track where you just can’t think of anything else but finding ways where you to gain a guy’s attention who’s an outright douchebag and has got time for you when his desires awake. No matter how much we tag this sort of connection as a no-strings-attached one, deep inside these connections turn into something huge which we don’t even realize.
Time and again his sweet little gestures would feel as if you’ve ‘almost’ reached that point where things would get a little deep and you can focus on topics other than sex.

Not all guys that come along your way and are attracted to you are meant to end up in a relationship. They don’t see or rather don’t want to see the emotional dimension of a connection, might be because they’re pretty afraid of relationships because of a bad past or they don’t just trust their own character. They know well that eventually, they end up getting laid with some other girl while he’s still seeing you.

It actually depends on how you tackle with such a person. Ask yourself whether you should allow such a person to explore you more or you should call it quits before you start catching some real feelings for an utterly wrong guy.

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