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Do the beautiful places shown in the movies make you feel like going there? Well, in the movies there are many unrealistic things. But in real life we don’t have such places that exist around us, wait, if you think places like that do not exist anywhere on earth then you are wrong. There are places around the world that seem to be unrealistic, but they actually exist for real. Here we have put some of the places like that, that were not known to you.

Haiku Stairs – Oʻahu, Hawaii
Also known as the Stairway to Heaven, from this name only you can guess how amazing it would be. The Haiku Stairs is a hiking trail on the island Oʻahu, Hawaii that has a total of 3,922 steps.

Apostle Islands – Wisconsin, USA
It has a group of 22 islands in Lake Superior (largest of the Great Lakes of North America). There are sea caves, 60-foot-high sandstone walls, and more than 800 species of plant within the lakeshore.

Aquarium – Rangiroa, French Polynesia
This is the most immense natural aquarium, and is a blessing for you if you are a diver. If you are diver, this should be on your check-list without second thoughts.

Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Isola – Tropea, Italy
This is a castle built between 1916 and 1949 located in Ipiales. The beautiful view, and the swim that you get in the warm clear water around the castle makes it a place you must visit.

Las Lajas Sanctuary – Ipiales, Colombia
This is a church that was built in the 1700s. The family that built this church had claimed that they saw Virgin Mary in the sky. If going to Columbia, this should definitely be in your travel list.

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- Rajat Priyam
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