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No doubt, we love our parents very much and there is probably no one who can understand us the way they do but a lot of times you find yourself in situations where literally you have to shut your mouth either because of fear or respect whatever you say but we cannot say things we want to
Here are some of those things/situations that you must also have encountered in your life as well. Let's have a look..
1. When you get 95 marks and parents say padhai nahi ki hogi
Literally even after getting these marks when my parents are not satisfied and complains of not getting that marks instead of appreciating I literally feel like not studying because it is rare to see your parents satisfied.
2. Their fear to send in coed school/college
The way our father is protective of us and the effort he puts in to keep us away from the boys is hilarious sometimes. You can send us to the girls' school , girls college but what about afterwards? Also, I really don't get this thing that he is okay to send us to a stranger after the marriage but he is really not okay with talking with the strangers.
3. When we go out to eat something and parents say Isse acha toh ghar par hi kuch bana lete
When our parents see that extra charged bill that comes after eating the way they look it seems that they are not going to go with us again. They would prefarbly like to prepare something good at homes only.
4. Log kya kahenge...
I mean whatever you do you will hear that single dialogue from the parents that what will the society think, what will they say. but my dear parents why should we care about them every time. Are they so important to us?
5. Jaha Jana hai shadi ke baad Jana
The moment you plan an outing and asks them for permission they would give you the advice to go with the husband. But why? Can't the girl travel before the marriage? Sometimes I really don't understand them.
6. Apne uss bhai/Behan ko dekh
That comparison which your parents make with the siblings is literally something which I definitely find it the most irritating.
7. Pta ni Sara din phone par kya karte ho
The moment your parents see you on phone they will just start taunting you for being on phone 24*7.
There is a lot in the mind but you can't say it... oh god! that feeling when you have to resist yourself.
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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