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Christian Bale, the actor known for films like The Dark Knight Series, American Psycho, The Prestige, The Machinist, American Hustle, and more has also been famous for his body transformations. He has always nailed it with the kind of body needed for the role. Like in The Machinist he had to be an industrial worker who has not slept for months, so for the role he dropped his weight to 54 kg by having just apples, coffee, cigarettes, and whiskey in his diet. Just a year after the movie, he bulked up his body for American Psycho.

Then in 2006 for the ‘ The Dark Knight’ series he ripped his body to have a superhero kind of body, and as we all know that he is still known as the best Batman, and no one has been able to match up to that level. In 2010, he again lost his weight for The Fighter, in the movie he was again around 54 Kgs. Then for the last part of The Dark Knight series, The Dark Knight Rises (2010) he again put on his weight and got fit to have the perfect body.

In American Hustle (2013) he had put 100 Kg, and became fat, then again he lost it for a great shape for few of his movies. He again gained more than 100 for portraying the role of Dick Cheney, the 46th vice president of US in the movie Vice (2018). Recently, he has been seen in perfect shape again. So this has been a continuous thing for this actor, and he has mastered the art of body transformation.

Christian Bale had said "I had never before gone to a doctor or a nutritionist about gaining or losing weight for my roles. But eventually that caught up with me. So, finally for Vice, I decided that maybe somebody knows better than I do; so I went to somebody and they managed to get me up a good 40lbs. It's never healthy to put on that amount of weight in a short amount of time, but I did it in the healthiest manner."

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- Rajat Priyam
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