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We Indians are so much excited and crazy about the weddings that it literally has no heights and when it comes to the wedding in the family that we have been waiting for years then you can imagine the kind of excitement and craziness. Actually, you can't imagine because it is beyond someone imagination.
The way we prepare for the big fat Indian wedding it seems nothing than a grand affair.
Here we bring you the basic things which are part of Indian weddings but here is the twist. To know what's the twist you have to read it...
1. Skipping food before going to the marriage

I don't know why we Indians skip the food on the day we are supposed to attend the wedding or some grand event. Maybe because we enjoy things when we get after that wait. Probably yes!
Because the way we feel after we eat food on having a fast that food...that feeling is just something which cannot be compared.
2. Lossing that extra belly fat

The moment we know that there is some wedding in the family we girls start thinking to get that zero figure so that we can wear that favourite dress which we have been waiting for years...
3. The way we dance at the wedding

If you have not been part of that barati dance then you definitely have missed something very important in life. I mean the way people dance at the wedding that they had stored the dance and they wanted to take out that dance which they have kept with themselves.
4. Efforts we put in to select dresses

We Indians are so selective about what we want to wear at the Indian weddings it sometimes looks to me if the same level of preparation is done by the celebrities attending the red carpet. Probably yes, probably no!
5. The way we eat at marriage

That standing in long queue to get that one plate of gol-gappa it is beyond any limits and the way we eat oh god! I remember how I used to behave like a poor kid at the wedding.
6. The way relatives go to get clicked with Groom and bride

The way there happens a race to get clicked first with the bride and the groom it seems that if they don't get clicked they would be disowned by the bride or the groom.
Wow! man, we Indians are so mad and crazy!
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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