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We all have phobia for one thing or another, and it scares the hell out of us. Some fear to go into a dark place, some are scared of spiders, some have the stage fear, there are numerous phobias and we all have some of it. Well, there are millions of phobia and we cannot talk about all of it, this post is about the phobias that are related to animals. So here are a few of the phobias that can seem weird but when happens to the person it can be scary.

The fear of being watched by a duck. That’s just because of the gaze, and no violent behaviour from the innocent ducks. Yeah reading about this phobia would make the non-anatidaephobiacs say what the duck!

Extreme fear of Ostrich. Well do not laugh, first get near to an Ostrich and then you will know whether you are suffering from Struthiophobia or not.

Fear of Pigs. People suffering from this phobia cannot be around pigs, and obviously cannot eat their fear so they do not ever think of having pork.

Fear of Cows, or Cattle. The people suffering from the phobia cannot think or be around cows. This phobia is found more in the people who live in urban places where cows are rarely found, and also in the people who witness cows attacking someone.

Fear of cockroaches. This fear of yours lives inside your house, and the fear is even of the confusion that whether the cockroach can fly or not. Some of the people suffering from OCD have more chances of having this phobia.

Fear of butterflies. Even such innocent beautiful winged creatures can scare you.

Fear of chickens. Can be by seeing chicken, its sound, and even of the word, and that scares them to have chicken as dinner.
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- Rajat Priyam
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