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Recently, the fifth annual Dronestagram photo event was organised, this competition involves photographers to submit their best works that they captured using a drone. The skills, colour, composition and storytelling; everything is calculated in this drone photography contest.
This year, Hungry Hippos by zekedrone won the first prize; his photo showed bloat of mighty hippos killing some time in the muddy water.
The judges of the event say that this year the competition was very tough as people came up with the best of photographs that covered a variety of sections like urban, nature, people and creative. Eric who is an integral member of this event mentions: "We were 6 of us to work out the best photos; it wasn't easy because we received several thousand of them so you have to be very organized to choose the best ones. A good drone picture must have a strong verticality and also show scenes close up, from a view that can only be taken by a drone. Then it must be artistic in its approach and style and if possible show life with humans or animals."
Here are some of the best photographs from the exquisite event:-

1). Fishing Boat In Vietnam By Trung Pham

2). 2 Dogs, 2 People And 4 Shadows By Qliebin

3). Lion Vs Drone By Bachirm

4). In The Middle Of The Winter Forest By Photographersworld

5). A Routine Day In Dubai On Sheikh Zayed Road By Bachirm

AND THE WINNER, Bathing Hippos In Tanzania By Zekedrone.

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- Shivam
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