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We all love cartoon characters, these adorable creatures formed a vital part of our childhood and laid foundation for our confident adulthood.
There’ll hardly anyone who isn’t a fan of these miraculous beings. These characters taught us many things about love, bravery, friendship, family and what not.
Thus, it becomes our duty to pay homage to these beautifully imagined toons. We have seen events like Comic-Con and others that are organised to celebrate these characters but there is one artist who has taken help from his artistic abilities to show his love for these toons.
He took two characters and merged them to form a single one, the illustrator who goes by the name of Dada says: “I usually combine different characters into one, draw characters composed of good versus evil, or simply draw different versions of the same character as one. These illustrations are done with color pencils. Hope you like them!”
Here are some of his best works:-

1). Simba And Scar (The Lion King)

2). Baby Tom And Jerry (Tom & Jerry)

3). Snow White And The Evil Queen (Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs)

4). Woody And Buzz (The Toy Story Series)

5). Belle And Beast (Beauty And The Beast)

You can see more of the artist’s work on Instagram, she is there by the handle name: @dada16808 or you can also visit
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- Shivam
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