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We know a lot of things about our planet, like it is the third planet from the Sun and revolves around it in 365 days. It was formed over 4.5 billion years ago, and has only two satellites the Sun and the Moon. So we are not going to talk about the things that most of us already know. Here we have put only the facts that we did not know before, and they are really astonishing. Let us see some of the facts like that, about our planet Earth.

Free Fall from Earth
If a free fall was possible from Earth, a person could go from one pole of the planet to the other pole in just 42 minutes. That means you can go from one side of Earth to the other in less than an hour, well it seems like even The Flash would not be that fast. Now the scientists have come down to 38 minutes’ theory of free fall between the poles.

Earth was once purple
Microbial geneticists from the University of Maryland said “Ancient microbes used not chlorophyll to absorb sunlight but another molecule called retinal. They absorbed the green part of the spectrum, reflecting the red and blue ones, which resulted in purple.” There are theories that say that the planet might become purple again because of the shift of the balance.

Earth Stops Spinning
The planet moves around 110,000 kms per hour that is 30 kms per second, so if it stops spinning the inertia would cause everything – including ocean water – to jerk sideways at 1,600 kmph.

Trees on Earth
The trees on Earth are 30 times more than the stars that exist in the Milky Way. That is a whole lot of trees, but that does not mean that you should start cutting trees. Save trees, save yourself.

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- Rajat Priyam
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