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Playgrounds are supposed to be the place where kids can play and explore their imaginations, so the designs must be relatable and must yield some creativity out. But some of the designers are superstars in these, while some seem to miss the mark.

Below is the picture that is beyond imagination and far from the friendly. I don’t know who the designers thought so hilariously to put wholesome characters such as Frosty the Snowman or Spiderman in such an inappropriate position with just a few wrong design placement. Some of the designs are beyond hilarious, as they are very disturbing. You would think 100 times after seeing them that how designers and parents missed it.

Scroll down below to see these hilarious pictures and wrong play areas that should be a Big NO for children. These pictures are showing that how much these areas are not-so-family-friendly. But it is for sure that it will give you a good laugh.
1. Ok…. It is Pikachu! Are You Alright buddy?

You have seen Pikachu in Pokémon cartoon and it always looks so cute. But in this place, I guess it is not giving that comedic effect of the Pikachu.

2. Ouch!!!

Children’s park and playing areas should be safe enough that they won’t fall off or wounded, but this is very far in respect of the security. How can this slide be approved?

3. Are you sure… this is for kids to play?

No comments for this!! This is insane.

4. Unnecessarily…

The design is not even comic enough to make children laugh, why this design even allowed for kids’ play.

5. Without Head… Seriously?

This is just a regular Russian playground and has nothing to see here, but still, kid’s safety is the must. This can harm them.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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