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Parenting, one of that difficult thing which seems like a cup of cake but actually it is not. As kids, we have been complaining about our parents and I think that's one of those easy things to do. Isn't it? Yes, it is. All of us have been comparing our parents to our friend's parents and also expecting a hell lot of things from them. But, wait! What exactly are we doing for them?
We plan for giving surprise to our friends/girlfriends/boyfriends but how many of us have really thought about making our parents happy? I don't think many of us even know what are the things that actually make them happy.
I remember that happiness on my father's face when I or my siblings used to secure a position in the class. That was just priceless but recently when I was thinking about what present should I gift on his birthday I was actually clueless about it because I was not able to get it what would make him happy.
So if you also have been in such situation then no need to worry here are some tips which will actually make your parents happy and of course you too...
1. Just say I love you...
I think most of them hardly say this to our parents that how much we love them thinking that they know this and there is actually no need to say this to them but believe me if you do this it would really make them happy and they would feel like the luckiest parents.
2. Telling them their importance in your life...
We all are so much busy in our life that we are hardly able to take time for our parents but you know what it is really important to let them know how much important they are for you because their life actually surrounds around you and as you grow older their life revolves only around you. So it is really important that you speak what's there in your heart.
3. Ask about their well being...
You know even if you ask the question like 'How are they' and 'Is everything okay in their life' nothing could be better than this. They just need your time and when you spend even a little time with them they would really feel special.
4. Say thank you
Our parents have done so much for us but we never a minute of her life to say a thank you gesture to them for doing so much for us. Have you?
You also take a minute of your life to think what can actually make them happy...
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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