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Wedding one of those life-changing events of our life which makes us experience those moments when we are happy as well as sad. I think our parents start preparing about it the day we are born especially if it is a daughter that struggle of life becomes huge in our country. That is the major reason why girls are considered a burden by the family.
Not really talking about that fact wedding definitely bring a hell lot of transformation not just in the life of bride and groom but a lot of people of connected as well.
Want to know how? Then you need to read this...
1. Mother of a daughter
I think the way a daughter shares things about her life with her mother no one actually fill that space in life. So as a daughter leaves the home that space in a mother's life gets empty. She may have all other people around her but she still would miss late night chit chats with her and all that stuff that they used to do together. Feel emotional! Yes, it is a bitter truth that every girl has to go through in her life.
2. Father Of a daughter
A wedding is one of those days when you will even find a father in that emotional zone where his heart is so heavy that he is hardly able to say anything. How much hard does he try to control his emotions he won't be able to do that. A father is someone who has that unsaid bonding with the daughter. Things may look like he is not much affected when she goes but a father always remains overprotective about her daughter and that feeling if she is okay or not haunt him every day.
3. Siblings
How much siblings tease, fights with each other but when a girl leaves they are most affected because they have spent the maximum time with each other. So siblings actually miss that fun in life as she goes away. Undoubtedly they were an inspiration for each other but when she goes there is really no one who can inspire with her taunts, challenges and what not...
This is how a girl can bring change in so many lives and still we doubt about her worth... Should we?
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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