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Do you get scared when you see a spider near you? Well, then you must have gotten in your worst fear that hundreds of spiders are coming towards you, and you are running for your life. Well, this is happening for real in Brazil. It is raining spiders, yes we are not kidding. João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca saw the spiders raining from the sky when he was travelling to Espírito Santo do Dourado at his grandparent’s farm with his family. He did the recording, and it got shared on Facebook by his mother Cecilia Juninho Fonseca and that is how the video got viral.

He is a 14-year-old boy and was stunned, and scared seeing so many spiders in the sky, and with some of it even coming inside from the window. From more talk, we got to know that these things happen there when there is a lot of rise in the temperature, so this is not something that has happened for the first time. Christine Anne Rheims, a biologist said “ They are harmless, they do not cause accidents and their venom is not dangerous for humans.” The spiders do look like they are flying in the sky, but in actual they are just crawling on their huge web, and that is transparent even when it’s near to us so what to expect when it is so far there in the sky.

The boy’s grandmother Jercina Martinelli said, “There were many more webs and spiders than you can see in the video. We’ve seen this before, always at dusk on days when it’s been really hot.” The trick that the spiders use while they fly like that for so much time is called ballooning, and electric fields are involved in it.

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- Rajat Priyam
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