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Our body is a fascinating tale in which we discover something new every now and then. In a case etched on the same lines, Dorsa Amir, a devoted evolutionary anthropologist has found something really astonishing about the human body. She mentioned that “evolutionary leftovers” still exist in some of our bodies, though they do not have any present purpose, and the research quickly went viral.
Dorsa says: “I think we are remarkable organisms for many reasons. One of the most interesting features of our story is that we are primates that evolved for millennia for a life of foraging, just living out in the wild, and incredibly in the last 10,000 years or so we’ve gone from that world to a world of supermarkets and spaceships. It’s stranger than science fiction. I’m tremendously lucky to have had the opportunity to turn this curiosity into a career, exploring who we are, where we came from, and how our rapidly changing environments and less-rapidly changing genes are functioning (or malfunctioning) in the present day. It’s the best job in the world.”
She also mentioned: “My interests and my research are all rooted in a deep curiosity about who we are as a species.”
Have a look at her research work:

1). The Vestigial Muscle Thing

2). The Bump On The Ear

3). The Long Lost Tail

4). The Pink Wonder Of The Eye

5). Let Us Raise Some Hair, Shall We?

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- Shivam
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