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Nissan is coming up with the futuristic concepts this year, with the IMs and Infiniti QX Inspiration unveiled we can know that for sure. It is time to go beyond the petrol, and diesel cars as we are going to get short of it in the coming years, and the pollution needs to end for us to live in this world. And this is the ultimate concept that is going to work for our future, no fuel consumption and no pollution.

CEO Denis Le Vot, the CEO of Nissan in North America said "Our strategy with electric vehicles isn't if it will happen, but when it will happen. Nissan will have eight all-electric models in its global fleet by 2022.” Tesla has always been seen working on the electric-car concept but with this complete reinterpretation of the Nissan cars it is going to challenge the Tesla engineers.

The electric-vehicle Infiniti QX Inspiration will have the motors, and battery beneath the floor of the car, and that will give much more space inside the cabin. The Nissan IMs, an elevated sports sedan, will have the biggest battery of a car, that is, 115 kWh with a range of 380 miles (611 km). It will have a dual motor all-wheel drive.

The CEO of Infiniti brand, Hong Kong, Christian Meunier said “While the Nissan brand will continue to market conventionally powered gas and diesel models for the foreseeable future, the Infiniti division is planning an even more aggressive transformation. It will take about two to three years. The embodiment of our future in the form a striking electric crossover.” Nissan has planned to launch 7 electric vehicles by 2022.

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- Rajat Priyam
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