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Undoubtedly, Indian weddings are happiness spots where you will find everyone so happy. Kids are happy because they can witness something which they haven't. Bride and groom would obviously be happy because 'Unki shadi hai bhai'. Others are happy because they will get to dance, eat food like bhukhads. So everyone has the reason for being so happy during weddings.
But happiness isn't is the only emotion, one definitely witnesses humour and which is probably the highlights of Indian weddings. After all 'Hum Indians hai n humour toh hmari nas nas mein hai'. Isn't? Undoubtedly a bigggg, yes and no one actually denies this fact.
Here are some of the common humorous things that one can witness in Indian weddings.
1. The tablecloth is a saviour when you don't have a handkerchief...
I don't know if you have done this or probably have noticed this thing or not but we Indians literally have jugaad for everything. Forgot to bring the handkerchief? Why You have the table cloth and that will be your saviour.
2. Eating to the maximum capacity of the stomach and still not getting satisfied...
We Indians have this very amazing habit of never getting satisfied. I mean there is no limit! We want everything in our life. Even after having a plate of Gol gappas, Tikki,chowmein,gulab jamun, chilla and what not! Next day we will definitely say this..'Mein dahi balle toh taste karna bhul gaya' Bro! You didn't eat that because your stomach didn't allow that. You already had what you could.
3. Indian weddings are incomplete without the Nagin dance
I think Indian weddings are incomplete without the Nagin dance and yes of course who can forget that dance of our elders on Sharabi dance.
4. Elders rating and judging the food is fun to watch...
I don't know why and how but our suddenly becomes master chefs during the wedding time rating and judging the food.
We Indian are crazzyyyyy at the weddings!
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Design credits - Vikas KakkarAuthor- Neha Wadhwa
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