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Unfortunately but yes I was a brilliant student during my school times and like every class, there was a mixed bag of different students in my class too. But when you actually try to differentiate between the topper of class and not so good student it is hilarious to notice the difference between the two.
You really need not to think much because we have done the work for you.
Brillant v/s Average Student
Life of a brilliant student revolves around books, books & books. you will find him/her worried about the exams. Their life revolves around them only and their ultimate goal is securing that top position in the class.He/she will work his ass off to the top in the class. You will hardly find them chilling, talking about movies n stuff like that.
2. Preparation
When it comes to exams, on one hand, a brilliant student would be thoroughly prepared before the exams and he will just go through the syllabus once during the exam. An average student acquaints himself with the syllabus, books on the day of the exam. It is when he comes to know about the curriculum. Looks funny! But that's the bitter reality!
3. Study Material
While a Brilliant Student will have textbooks, guides and what not as reference material not just once but more than average student would not even complete the syllabus of prescribed textbooks.
So there is a hell lot of difference in the attitudes, approach and method of not just study but you will find a difference in the lifestyles of both too
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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