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Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a man of no introduction; the supremely talented actor broke all set notions and barriers to evolve as one of the most prolific actors of world cinema. The person who once struggled to survive in a city like Mumbai is now a world-renowned face and his time is just getting bigger and better.
His life story is utterly motivational, maybe this is what reflects in his words as well; here are some of the most motivational things said by this amazing man that deserve your ears:-

1). "After doing a film, I don't like watching myself again in it. Also, I never get nostalgic about the past. Woh ek time tha, yeh ek time hai. I can never say something like, 'Arre wah, Gangs of Wasseypur mein maine kya kaam kiya!'. I watched that film just once. After that, I never got back to it"

2). "Before I came to Mumbai, many said, `Don't go. Wahan pe toh saare lambe, chaure, chitthe log chahiye, tum kyun waste kar rahe ho apna time?' I came here without a dream as that was already nipped in the bud. I tried out serials but nothing happened. After that, I started getting small roles. I had no qualms doing them as I had no dream of becoming a star."

3). "Pehli film mein ek minute ek second ka role mila, phir ek minute doh seconds, phir ek minute pachas seconds.. Films didn't happen by chance and I too wasn't prepared, koi lottery nahin lagi thi. Phir baad mein game samajh mein aya. Uss mein 12 saal lag gaya..."

4). “My mother told me, ‘Kachre ke dher ki bhi jagah badalti hai. Tum toh insaan ho. Tumhara bhi din aayega. I believe she was right. My time has come and I’m here"

5). "My motto is, kaam karo aur dafa ho jao"

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- Shivam
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