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Love is a beautiful emotion, it makes you see life with a different perspective, it makes you crave to care for your dear one even when you are helplessly careless; such is the power of love.
But today, this ‘love’ thing has got confined within the walls of swiping left or right. There are many people out there (including me) who start running behind a pretty face and start calling it ‘love’ until they find another face to run behind.
I know people; you all are shouting this right now: ‘Dayumm Son, he is talking about me.’
So, to define OUR dilemma of finding ‘Love’, I created some painfully hilarious memes, have a look: -

1). I am sorry Life but this hook-up culture has ruined me forever now

2). Dear Crush, Pyar me dedena Dhokha lekin pehle please give me one mauka!

3). I can totally understand your infuriation but you gotta deal with it, Love!

4). Bro, Tera bhai hai Pro!

5). Ye Jeewan ek jhooth hai aur ham sab is jhooth me apni bhaagidari de rahe hain

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Graphics: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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