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No one can deny that Sonu Nigam is a legend in the field of singing, and he has proved that with his songs in the last 25 years. The 1973-born started singing at a small age of 4 on stage with his father Agam Kumar Nigam. He did a lot of stage performance before his first movie song O Aasman Wale of the movie Aaja Meri Jaan released in the year 1993. He hosted Sa Re Ga Ma in 1995, and his songs like Sandese Aate Hain, Yeh Dil Deewana and then the most loved album Deewana released in the year 1999.

After that he has given numerous unforgettable songs like Kal Ho Na Ho, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Suraj Hua Maddham, and Abhi Mujhme Kahin. Nothing has stopped him from being humble though, he said "If you have the humility, heart and soul, you can find that in youngsters too. One must keep their mind open and imbibe new things. People who say 'in our times it used to be so great' are the ones who don't lead a happy life. I don't dwell in that. I feel I sing better and different than what I did 25 years ago. I am not sounding the same so maybe I've learnt from Arijit Singh, Armaan Malik or all these younger people”

The singer believes “There shouldn’t be any ego. You are not senior by age; you are senior by your soul. If their art reflects in their soul, I take it and learn from them. I saved money and invested properly. I didn’t waste money; I didn’t go crazy. I believe in my today. If I am happy today, I don't care whether my songs come or not, people listen to my song after me or not. If I lived a sh***y life, that's my problem”

Talking about his ideologies on legacy he said, "People keep saying 'my legacy, my legacy' but what will you do for that? Fight or be aggressive about work? I don't believe in that. My life is like a selfie, I look at myself and don't look what other people talk about me. I'm constantly working on myself. I give myself a quiet time, I read. I don't really care. These things never affect me”
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- Rajat Priyam
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