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Japan has created quite a stir on the internet with its overly developed nation and perfectly advanced infrastructure that has made the competitors fall and learn from their ethics and organization. If you have ever been to Japan you would have noticed infrastructure that would surprise you for it's unique and out of the world.

Well, if you have never been to Japan, you don't have to worry because we have scouted some of the more creative creations that happen in Japan and stays in Japan.

1. There Are Baby Seats Attached To The Wall In Most Bathrooms
2. There is a hotel in Japan where the entire staff consists of robots.
3. “Went into a police booth in Tokyo to get directions to a place 3 blocks away and the officer made me a detailed hand-drawn map to make sure I found it. Just wow!”
4. This vending machine sells umbrellas.
5. “Cans that contain alcohol have braille pressed in at the top near the tab.”
6. Multi-level parking lots save space.
7. Portable ashtrays for those who want to smoke outside of designated smoking zones
8. This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan
9. And here you can “park” and lock your umbrella and be sure that no one will take it.
10. Tattoos that can only be seen in the dark
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Source - AfricanTime
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