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John Abraham is one of the sexiest men alive and we all have drooled badly over his chiselled body. But this enviable body wasn’t achieved by John in a day or two; it required him a lot of patience, hard work and of course a strict diet. The man is a fitness idol for many and people look up to him for extensive fitness tips. So, today we have bought you the secret to John’s diet plan:-

John is very particular about his meals and diet. He ensures that his diet consists of an adequate amount of protein, carbohydrates and fibres.

Things he gulps in on regular basis to meet his needs:
For protein: He likes to take milk, curd, sprouts, pulses, soy and protein supplements.

For carbohydrates: Potato, corn grain, jowar, bajra and wheat.

For fiber: Salads, apple, sweet lime, green vegetables, orange and musk melon

The hunky man eats both veg and non-veg food, apart from this he relies on vitamin tablets and protein shakes as well to maintain the sculpted body.

Breakfast: John savours a heavy breakfast that includes 8 egg whites, 15 almonds, fresh fruits and porridge.

Lunch: During lunch hours, John eats some boiled chicken with brown rice or lentils and spinach with brown rice. He combines his meal with a good salad on side.

Dinner: John’s dinner is generally very light, it includes corns, soups, veggie suppers and fresh green salad including veggies like cucumber, carrots, spinach etc.

Couple this diet plan with rigorous workout and those sculpted abs will no longer be an impossible dream.
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- Shivam
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