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The very famous New York-based street photographer Jamel Shabazz has been strolling around the glorious NYC streets and subways for 40 years now. He has often presented exquisite pictures of the city aptly depicting the city’s exuberant lifestyle, struggles and spirit. Jamel’s photography is like a documentation of world’s most vibrant city.
Recently, Jamel released a new line of work that includes vintage photos of New York’s Subway since the ’80s and as usual everyone fell in love with the man’s sheer perfection.
Jamel says: "The overwhelming majority of subjects I photographed have been complete strangers who I would meet during my many expeditions on the train. I focused my lens on everything from students, police officers, the homeless, entertainers, and everyday people going about their business of the day.”
Jamel also talked about the best thing he finds in the profession of photography, he said: "What I like most about the photo shoots, is meeting new friends and freezing historic and meaningful moments in time. So many of the people I photographed 30-40 years ago may have initially been unfamiliar to me, but as time would pass many of them became close friends, some even became love interests.”
Let us have a look at some of the best pictures from his new series:-

1). All Ears, NYC 1980

2). The Trio, NYC 1980

3). Fly Girl, NYC 2002

4). Back To The World, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC 1982

5). The Violists, NYC 1997

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- Shivam
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