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In winter if you crave for sweets and carb more then what does it mean. Is it just a seasonal craving or something else? In the midst of snow and holidays, it is hard to determine that from where these cravings are coming from. If you are feeling depressed in winters and your carb cravings are increasing then this could mean something bigger.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) it is a type of depression that begins late in winter and fades early in the spring. But here one question must be jumping that- why does this happens or how food craving can be connected to a disorder?

There is not any definite reason behind it, but its symptoms can tell you that you are going through SAD. You will feel low energy, sleepiness in the daytime and a tendency to overeat. This will only make you put on more weight and not even fulfill your carbs cravings until you get out of this depression.

But don’t worry we have solutions for you by which you can fight from SAD and can stay fit all winter. These tips will manage your carb craving and will give you energy back.

1. Never Stop Moving

Cold temps and snow can make it tempting to blow off a workout. But, research says that if you exercise, it will reduce your stress and food cravings.

2. Eat To Reduce Cravings

Don’t eat to gain weight unknowingly, instead, you can enjoy eating in winters to stay healthy and reduce stress. You need to include protein, healthy fat and plenty of high-fiber, low-calorie veggies in every meal.

3. Get Vitamin-D

In winter it is hard to get vitamin-D, but you can eat certain foods that are a good source of vitamin-D, for example, fatty fish, eggs, cheese, and fortified dairy, juices, and cereal products.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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