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Football is clearly the most famous sport around the globe and thus it is evident that there’ll be controversies arising around its spectrum as ‘Bigger the name, Bigger the mess’. And in the controversy book, one more chapter has been added. This is related to Luis Suarez’s somewhat controversial goal.
Luis shot a goal to win by a score of 3-1 over Leganes on Sunday but his way to score the goal has caused a lot of rift. Many people are criticising the way Suarez earned that goal.

Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde also came forward to put forth his insight on the controversial goal scored by Suarez on Sunday. Suarez reinstated Barcelona’s lead on 71 minutes when he furled home after goalkeeper Ivan Cuellar had only averted Lionel Messi’s killer shot.
The striker was seen seizing Cuellar but the goal stood after a VAR check, and Valverde says it was the right call.

Valverde said: “I thought it was a goal. What can I say, everyone sees it from their point of view, but if the referee has given it, it will be a goal. With VAR, the controversy is not over. It’s a clear goal. Suarez does not touch the goalkeeper, they have reviewed it. There will always be controversy, mistakes will follow and you have to accept the error. That [errors] will not end with VAR, nor if it was a robot refereeing.”

The goal was Suarez’s 15th in La Liga this season and it placed him on the fifth spot for Barcelona’s all time highest goal scorers.
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- Shivam
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