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Once a great man said: ‘Kitna bhi ‘Get Low’ aur ‘Shape Of You’ par naach lo, jab g*nd par laat padegi to Altaf bhai hi yaad ayge’
And this great man was none other than me, main and myself.
You know guys, there are artists, good artists, legendary artists and then there is Altaf Raja. The man who was a raging sensation in the ’90s has given some classic songs with lyrics that are so fervent that it takes a Zakhmi dil and Old Monk shots to understand it.
So, to pay homage to the man who was clearly ahead of time, I made some Dard Bharey Memes because I couldn’t find any other way to celebrate this man’s profoundness:-

1). Life Gives You Some Important Advice, Listen!

2). Best Friend Hai Ya Zehreela Saanp?

3). Jo Waada Kiya Wo Nibhana Tha, Tujhe Mujhe Revive Karana Tha

4). I Can Hear The Typical Line: ‘I Love Spending Time With You, You Are Like My Best-Friend’

5). This Is The Worst Thing You Can Do To Someone, Damn It!

Time will keep going, the world will change, love will change but one thing that will remain forever will be Altaf’s epic songs. Nothing can match Altaf’s way of healing a broken heart. Viva La Altaf!
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- Shivam
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