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If you don’t like going to the gym and doing hard workouts, then we have a much better solution for you that is- Yoga. Yes, by doing yoga you never feel tired or low energy, because provide the required amount of oxygen to our body that is needed to stay the active whole day.

But what if, I will tell you that you can tone your arms and abs without going to the gym, just by doing these must-do yoga poses you can cut extra fat and tone your arms and core.

1. Quarter Dog:-

In this yoga pose, you need to balance your weight in a half-dog position on your elbows. Begin on your hands and knees. Your wrists should be underneath your shoulders, and your knees underneath your hips.

Inhale while you tuck your toes under your heels. Now you need to exhale to lift your hips, coming into Downward Facing Dog. Spread your fingers wide, and lower your forearms to the mat. Check to make sure you're creating a straight line between your elbows and middle fingers. Try to straighten your legs and lower your heels toward the ground as much as you can.

Note: Remember that your heels should be slightly wider than your toes.

2. Crow:-

Begin in a wide squat, you need to place your palms firmly on the ground in front of you. Spread your fingers as much as wide you can. Now press into fingertips so that your fingertips release the stress if your wrist has any.

Straighten your legs slightly, and place your knees as high up onto your triceps as possible, toward your armpits.

Now you need to shift your weight forward into your hands, and then lean your keen weight into the backs of your arms. While lifting one foot off the ground and then the other. You will compact only if you can bring your toes together, this will make you balance right. Squeeze your knees together and pull your belly button in towards your spine, this will make you feel light.

3. Headstand:-

For this yoga pose, you need to sit facing towards the wall. Clasp your fingers together and place your forearms on the floor in front of you. Place the crown of the head on the floor about eight inches away from the wall. Straighten your legs, and walk your feet toward your head.

Now bend your knee and tuck it into your chest using your abs and hamstring flexibility, lift your other legs off the floor so both knees are tucked into your chest. Grip your control over you and slowly lift your legs upwards.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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