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Love or relationship isn't as easy it may seem. There are tides of emotions flowing when you are in a relationship. It's really not easy to control those emotions, especially when the love is one-sided or person still may not be very sure about the relationship.
Without a say, it is not at all easy to have feelings for someone and still not let those emotions overpower you.
So here are some of the tips to help you decide to keep the emotions flowing without really affecting you.
1. Never force him for anything, let time decide things
You may want to spend the maximum time with the person you like but he doesn't think you for that way. So he would definitely not give the time as expected by you. So at times, you will feel really very low but more you force him the way you want things it would result in fights and arguments. So it would be better if you give him complete space and let time decide things for you.
2. It's ok to be possessive about him but never let such thoughts control you
When you have feelings for someone it is natural that you would be possessive about him, would feel jealous if he is attached to someone else. But never ever let that thought control you because it would upset you. You will not feel good and ultimately there would be arguments and things would really not work.
3.Don't get too much attached
It is completely understood that you feel attached to that someone special but you need to remember if you are not completely sure about the person this attachment has a negative impact on your mind. So it's really very important that whatever you do is done after a thought.
Never mind, Love is a beautiful emotion, to be honest to yourself and to the person who you love the most.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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