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We all have a heart in our body for pumping the blood but it is in our chest and not in our head. Head is a place for the brain, no? Well, this animal has its heart in its head. It is an aquatic animal that has no backbone or vertebral column. The animal we are talking about is a crustacean which is very small in size having ten legs. It’s shrimp, which is very similar to prawns. Many a times people get confused between a shrimp, and a prawn as the only visible difference is the second abdominal segment of the two. So it is a bit difficult for the commoners to differentiate between the them.

And these are also consumed by the humans all around the world. The brain of a shrimp is made up of very few nerve cells clusters so it is very small in size. The exact place where its heart is located is the thorax, that is just after the head but the exoskeleton is common for the covering of the head and thorax, so that too becomes a part of its head. The exoskeleton is what gives them the structure of the body, and also the protection that it needs.

The other characteristics of a shrimp are that it gets inside the mouth of the fish and cleanses its body by removing the parasites of the blood sucking species, shrimps are used for trawling as well and results into the killing of numerous turtles, and they even dance to attract the fishes. The snapping sound that they make with their claws is louder than gunshots. Well, the most astonishing fact remains that its brain exists in one side of its head, and the other side has its heart. This is the only animal that has its heart there.

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