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When it comes to weight loss, the first thing that would pop up in one's mind is shedding off those extra calories. However, our food craving appetite often tempts us to take a bite or two from the cake or fries your friend is eating, think that won't do any harm. But surprise this is just a myth.

Often a bite of a specific food item - say it cake or cold drink - can ruin your entire diet plan if you don't have proper knowledge of how much calories it houses. Don't believe us? Have a look yourself.

What do 100 calories look like?
See for yourself

Who would have thought half a muffin could help you with 100 calories.
100 calories = 1/4 chocolate croissant
100 calories = half a can of coke
100 calories = a small bunch of grapes + an apple
100 calories = 1 scoop of ice cream
100 calories = 200ml of orange juice
100 calories = 1 banana
100 calories = 1 egg + 1 quarter of a whole wheat toast
100 calories = one and a half cookie biscuit
100 calories = 10 cucumber slices + 1 oatmeal biscuit with mashed potatoes
100 calories = 1 tablespoon of peanut butter + 1 slice of whole wheat bread
I feel like I can go over 100 calories easily with any of the lights snacks I usually eat.
So, as it turns out, it’s really easy to go above 100 calories… But how easy is it to get rid of it?

Pedal for 12 minutes
Run for 13 minutes
Play badminton for 15 minutes
Skip rope for 17 minutes
Swim for 21 minutes
Play golf for 30 minutes
33 minutes of shopping
Practice yoga for 48 minutes

The above exercises are very easy to add to your routine.
By the way, I can shop for a whole day, not just for 33 minutes hahaha. Easy peasy!

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Source - GuideinChina
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