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Dogs are the most lovable pets because of their loyalty, and the fun we can have with them. They are always around us in the house, we love to click their pictures and they give us some amazing snaps as well. Sometimes when we click it, we get so perfectly timed pictures that it makes us laugh out loud, and we have to share it with our family and friends. Here we have some of the perfectly timed pictures of dogs, that can give you the refreshment you need.

In this picture, the dog has yawned the same way as in the picture behind him, and the picture has been taken at the exact time. This surely makes us awe; the timing of the click is just perfect.

The owner has thrown a flying disc, and while the dog dries to catch it the click has been taken with the dog in air. It looks like the dog is holding the disc in its hand, such a cool dog, no?

The puppy is trying to catch a bubble, and the picture was taken just before the bubble-burst because of its teeth. It looks beautiful, and is a nano-second experience that became a memory because of the snap.

To hell with no dogs allowed, I will sit on the No and make it my place to roam around as I make my own rules. Yes, that is what the dog has been signifying with his cute action.

Here’s the food coming my way! I cannot even hide my expressions of happiness as I love this food so much. The click is funny as well perfect, the eager wait for the food can be seen on the face of the dog so clearly.

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- Rajat Priyam
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