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Different kinds of alcohol make you feel different. But have you ever wondered how is this made or what differentiates all the alcohol? What is the basic ingredient in it? Why is the colour of drink what it is and why do different alcohol make you feel different emotions?
If you haven't then you should, after all, you jis chiz mein itna interest hai you should be knowing everything about it. Isn't it? Yes, you should! Don't worry you need not to do research about it because we have collected everything you may want to know about your drink.
Here we go!
So next time you know which drink you may want to take because it is important to know the alcoholic content and what you are drinking. It is really important you are not just drinking without knowing the impacts of it on your health.
Be very careful about what you drink.
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Design credits - Vikas KakkarAuthor- Neha Wadhwa
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