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When you are feeling so low that you feel like quitting everything in life. When you don't have anyone to talk to because you are all alone. Nothing seems to look good and even if something is good it does not feel like. There might have been situations in your life too when you would have felt like the most lonely person on the planet.
If you are far away from your family then there are times when you don't like to do anything in life. You feel like not talking to anyone. If it happens with you then it is very normal so you don't have to worry much. But here are some things which will definitely refresh your mood.
1. Ink is your best friend?
More you think about it, more you will become a victim of it. So it is better to let your emotions out. Do you know what is the best way? May seems old but yet it works. So all you need to do is pen down your emotions. Ink is your best friend and will help tackle that feeling of loneliness in your life.
2. Music can be your best companion too.
Feel like being with yourself? But if you overthink about the thoughts that are bothering you then it will make you more upset. SO? Nothing! All you need to do is listen to some soothing music. The type of music you listen to your mood will definitely be like that.
3." Learned Helplessness."-It can actually kill you from inside
There are a lot of times when you Feel Upset but don't know the reason. One of the factors behind is that we feel hopeless about something which we wanted in our life. So for the time being stop thinking about that. Once you divert your mind from it you will feel good.
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Design credits - Vikas KakkarAuthor- Neha Wadhwa
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