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Ever wondered how do our mothers manage to work so effortlessly. Isn't it insane that someone can work 24 hours a day for others? I mean hats off of to all the mothers that they manage to do so much work. True said that she is a superhuman because humans can't work like this and that too without expecting anything in return.
But the irony is still most of us considers that they do nothing and managing the house is so easy. There have been debates that housewives should be considered as working women and doing household work should be considered as an economic activity but everything was in vain. Leave about considering it as a profession we don't even respect her for doing so much of work.
Have you ever thought what would her resume look like if it was considered as work? You had thought about it or not but I have visualised what all things would be in her CV. Although it is near to impossible to jot down everything she does I have tried to list down all the important things that she does.
So have a look at it.
Isn't her resume better than a working person? Then what do you think should be a reality?
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Design credits - Vikas KakkarAuthor- Neha Wadhwa
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