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Whenever I take a drag of a good rolled blunt, my horizons expand and my mind starts working on the lines of Nolan; I start thinking about parallel universes and time theories. In a recent case, I shifted my thought process to ponder over the fact that what would happen if human life gets shifted to the red planet – MARS.
Here are the three observations that I found:-

1). Mars is a boon for lazy-asses like me; you do not need to put in a lot of effort in order to get work done. Mars has a really low gravitational force when compared to Earth so even if you want to move from one place to another, you will not have to struggle against gravity, everything will be smooth AF. Imagine doing trekking in these conditions, no more sore muscles, whattaaayyywow!

2). Mars consists of a very thin atmospheric line and almost zero sunlight, thus photosynthesis is just impossible on this planet so the question of growing crops doesn’t even come in the picture. So, in order to stay alive, a large stock of food will be needed to be stored for YEARS and YEARS! Talk about conservation now!

3). Dust Storms will be a ritual in summers, Yes, you will not have to face the scorching heat in the summers but something even worse – that is a gigantic wave of dust storms. These storms are so powerful that they completely cover the sky and have the potential to damage working electrical equipment.

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- Shivam
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