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Wedding the gala event of our life where we enjoy to the fullest dancing, eating and what not. But the wedding definitely does not mark happiness in everyone's life. It marks the torture and trauma in the lives of horses on whom the groom takes the pride ride.
Not just horses are made to walk more than 30-50 kilometres to the venue. They are tortured by the heavy weight of decorated items that hang on their forehead and the saddle on the horse is so heavy that the physical pain of the horse just increases to multiple folds. They die of their wounds and dehydration within a few days. But we human beings hardly care for them.
I mean why?
Have you ever thought how much pain a horse has to go through? What would the horses be speaking about the trauma that they have to go through? Have a look
1. Decorated Forehead
2. Throne-like Saddle
3. Made to walk more than 30-50 kilometres
4. Made to sit a groom and a kid
5. Noises of the fireworks
Enjoy without hurting anyone!
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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