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Sometimes I think that our generation act like a cruel person, as in today’s time we can’t find true love. And this is not because of the pollution or short dresses, but it is because this era has lost respect and love from its heart. No one is happy with their lives, most of the youth are suffering from early depression and other mental issues, why? Just because of the multiple breaks and patch-ups in their life.

But girls don’t worry be strong! If you are hurt by someone, give your life next chance and start loving yourself. I have seen many girls and boys when they come in a relationship, they lost themselves completely in it, and forget how they are. And whenever the relationship fails they lost in a deep dark.

But it is not the time to stick to a person who doesn’t love you, it is the era to move on happily.

I have collected some quotes to motivate you and will help you in moving on. So, let us jump on them:

1. If You Can’t Convince Them, Confuse Them!

2. I Am Better Than Your Ex, I Am Better Than Your Next!

3. You Turn Up, I Earn Up. You Gossip, I Boss Up.

4. I Won’t Cry For You, As My Mascara Is Too Expensive!

5. Don’t Fall For Dog Who Has Eyes For Every Bitch.

6. Never Say Hmmm Or Ok, When You Can Say F*Ck Off And Bye.

7. Sometimes God Send An Ex Back Into Your Life To See That You’re Still Stupid.

I hope these quotes from strong girls will help you to get over your bitter past from a better future.

-Simran Bhatnagar
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