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Clicking in our best pose and with flat tummy is the most followed trend, but do we ever think that this isn’t a reality. Actually, the reality is much far from it and is very funny. You may have noticed that after having a big meal, naturally your tummy comes out and it looks like that you are carrying someone inside it. I know this little bit hilarious and also embarrassing.

But, no more! As we are living in the world of social media where you can’t hide anything or if you share anything that is unique will surely go viral. Similarly, a woman shared her “Food Baby” on Twitter. The woman named Fatimah, a young Londoner, posted her photo with her big tummy, which is looking that she has a life inside.

While posting the woman captioned it, “I can’t be the only one that gets extremely bloated and starts imagining myself being pregnant?” As it turns out – no, Fatimah, you’re definitely not alone, as hundreds of Twitter users have responded with their photos of ‘food babies.’

This weekend this London-based influencer shared the picture of her “food baby” and see what happened.

The result her one got, she probably didn’t expect that the thread would go so viral and in such a minimum time. We have so many responded ‘Food pregnancy’ pictures here.

This action has again raised another awareness that bloated tummy is nothing to ashamed of.

People are loving this thread and enjoying watching each other pictures and made the thread so popular. The thread helped so many people to get their confidence with a bloated belly.

Fatima tods media that, “It’s 2019 and I feel like more women are becoming more accepting about the ‘flaws’ in our bodies and we’re embracing while also making light of it as well and I love it.”

Simran Bhatnagar
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