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Travelling is fun. It is just amazing to move out of your comfort zone and travel to the unfamiliar places of the world where you don't know anyone to be it their people, language, places, cuisines thus teaching us some of the most important lessons of life which remain with us throughout our lifetimes.
Besides that travelling also make us familiar with interesting cultures across the world. So we have gathered such amazing facts about different cultures.
1. Thailand
If you haven't travelled to Thailand you definitely should because you would love it. From joyful meeting with someone on the street to resigning from a good paying job just because it's not fun to work living life to the fullest is interspersed throughout the day.
2. Japan
Japanese culture expects people to show extreme gratitude, respect towards each other and this is the reason why you will not find anyone talking in a hushed tone at a public place. You will also find different signs suggesting people switch off their phones. So if you are travelling in Japan you will find people asking to call back later instead of talking especially when it's a private call as it would be disturbing other people.
3. Germany
The way people take care of each other is definitely everyone needs to learn. If you are in public place like a park you will find items hung on a tree. These hung things are of someone who misplaced it. So no one will steal it rather will take care of it as if it is their own thing.
Exhibiting good manners is an essential component of “cutting a beautiful figure”. Italian way of life is maintaining the aesthetic beauty which however is not limited to the way people dress, look and maintain themselves. It goes to how people behave with each other.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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