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“Bow” known as ojigi in Japanese is an important part of their culture which actually defines them. Japanese culture which is known for communicating beyond words and bowing is one important way through which people of Japan communicate. How far you bow depends upon your relationship to the other person as well as the situation. It is said that the deeper you bow, the more respect you show.
Bowing is not just a way of communication. Rather it is much more beyond it signifying gratitude and respect for each other. You will find them bowing to show sympathy and appreciation for anyone.
Here is everything You Should Know About The Bowing Culture In Japan
Bowing Style
Types Of Bow
1. 45-70-degree Dogeza-Mistake that leads to death
2.45-degree Saikeirei- For a sincere apology
3. 30-degree keirei- Showing respect to elders
4. 15-degree eshaku- Meeting people for the first time
5) 5-degree bow-Informal gatherings such as friends and family.
Bowing is definitely the JAPANESE WAY OF LIFE
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Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
Author- Neha Wadhwa
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